A brief musical history of TBone Jones

Country Roots

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Strictly Country

Originally a duo Strictly Country (Andrewina Pollock & Cliff Churchward) were playing the pubs and clubs in and around the Scottish Borders in the mid 1980's. It was at one of these gigs in the fishing town of Eyemouth in Berwickshire that they met the then solo singer TBone Jones, after a chat and a couple of drinks TBone got up and sang a couple of numbers, and was then asked if he would like to join Strictly Country, to which he said yes. The final addition to the band came in the form of Colin Hood, formerly a big band/jazz guitarist. Strictly Country split in 1988 and both TBone and Andrewina went on to forge successful solo careers. These track's and the others on the album are taken from a collection of 12 songs that were originally recorded for 'demo' use, the band turned up at Mill Studio in Alnwick, and left again two hours later with all the tracks on a tape, at a cost of £60.. So what you hear is exactly how the band sounded live .. I'm not surprised they got repeat booking where ever they played.

Make The World Go Away
Wedding Bells
Even The Strong Get Lonely

The TBone Jones Band

Formed in Manchester in 1989 the TBone Jones Band were TBone himself, 'Lightning' Pete Brown on acoustic rhythm and harmonies, John Green on bass, Barry Hogan on lead, and Phil Edwards (formaly with the Casuals & PJ Proby) on drums. The album 'Live At The Opry' was recorded in 1992 at the last of several successful visits there. The band broke up later that year after TBone lost his voice at the end of a North East tour for the legendary Johnny Larkin. It was a full eight years before the voice came back and the new band TBone was formed in 2000, the reason for the voice loss has never been explained...

Daytime Friends
There's Nothing I Can Do About It Now.
Gone Gone Gone

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